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Steel Division 2 is a real-time strategy video game set during the Operation Bagration, which is considered one of the most influential Second World War operations, and which ultimately led to war’s end. The game allows to control either Red Army or Axis side and puts you in general’s seat, who is responsible for planning and executing various operations on the tactical map with an option to resolve declared encounters manually on the battlefield. The game was developed and published by Eugen Systems in June 2019 and is available on PC (Windows).

Tank in game


The game revolves around battles on the Eastern Front during late years of WW2. It consists of two main parts. The first one is a turn-based strategy, during which you will be able to move your troops and declare attacks on the tactical map covering the entire operation. The second one is a real-time strategy, where you will be able to manually resolve declared battles, although it’s not necessary to micromanage the army – Steel Division 2 features an automated battle system, which can be used to quickly resolve each conflict if one prefers to focus on the tactical aspect of the title. Real-time battles are split into three consecutive phases, during which you will be able to bring different units to help you on the battlefield.

Planes during battle in Steel Division 2

It’s also worth mentioning the battlegroups option. Here you will be able to create your own custom army to use in future battles. You can select your troops from over 600 units available, select each unit’s veterancy level, which affects its performance, and even choose the phase of the battle in which you will want to introduce the unit. Interestingly enough, each unit can be called in a limited number of times, and if you choose a powerful unit for the first phase, this limit will be reduced drastically in comparison to running the same unit in the third phase instead, thus forcing you to choose if you want to sacrifice number of units available for an early advantage.

Game Modes

The game can be played both in single-player and multiplayer. The core of the title for lone players is the campaign mode split into four separate campaigns – Orsha, Berezina, Bobruisk, and Baranovitchi. Additionally, all of the modes designed for multiplayer can be also played in a single-player. These include Conquest, Close Combat, Destruction, and Breakthrough. The main difference between these and the single-player campaign is lack of the turn-based part.

There are also historical battles acting as a sort of a challenge, where you will be able to test your skills by commanding pre-made divisions during some of the best-known battles from the WW2 era.

Historical Battles - map in game


Steel Division 2 received positive reviews and was considered a solid sequel to the first game, Normandy 44 – it expands and improves ideas from the previous title. Reviewers liked the introduction of the Army General mode, which adds a lot more depth to the game. They also appreciated huge maps, addictive multiplayer mode, hundreds of detailed units to choose from, and a high amount of realism and historical accuracy incorporated into the game while still being easy to learn, and very enjoyable to play.

Key features

  • Take general’s seat and command Axis or Soviets on the Eastern Front during WW2 Operation Bagration
  • Form your own army by choosing from over 600 unique and detailed units, including the most iconic Tiger and T-34 tanks
  • Plan troops’ movement on the 1:1-scaled tactical map during the turn-based part of the game, and micromanage them yourself during real-time encounters on 25 different maps
  • Make the best use of each unit by utilizing its strengths – issue various orders and make your assaults more effective
  • Compete online in huge battles consisting of up to 10 versus 10 players playing simultaneously

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