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It is an action-packed, role-playing game played in third-person perspective. For the first time ever, Assassin’s includes RPG elements– previous titles were simple action games. Odyssey takes place during the Peloponnesian War. The player is impersonating a fictional character that is engaged during the War between Athens and Sparta. They can choose which side to back: Delian League of Athens or Peloponnesian League of Sparta. In general, Assassin’s Creed series follows a story of a longtime conflict between Assassins and Templars.

The Premise

The plot starts in 431 BC in the ancient Greece. The player is thrown straight into the turmoil of the Peloponnesian War between city-states of Greece: Sparta and Athens.  He can become Alexios or Kassandra, who are grandchildren of famous king Leonidas I. Both of them were expelled from the family and cursed. When the storyline starts, they are already adults, who try to make a living by fighting for whoever pays them to do so.

The Storyline

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey starts when a chosen character decides to embark on a mission that will change his or her entire life. He or she can either follow the Delian League of Athens or the Peloponnesian League of Sparta as a mercenary. After choosing their side and fighting, they’re on a straight way to become the ancient Greek hero.Comparing to previous titles, Odyssey is not a linear story. During the action-filled journey the player makes various decisions that can determine how the story will end.

Though they can’t control the destiny of the entire ancient world, the life of the protagonist can be subject to some changes, as well as the lives of characters who are close to him or her. The story is displayed during cut-scenes as well as in dialogues. Here another new thing has been introduced – the player can choose the dialogues they say.

Hunt monsters as a well-trained professional!

Witchers are professional monster slayers, who were toughly trained from early childhood. Witchers have superhuman strength and speed. They carry two swords but fight with one, leaving one hand free to cast signs - their unique form of magic. Although they don’t enjoy the trust of the public, they are the only answer for monsters spreading across the human world. Smash your enemies as Geralt of Rivia, famous witcher armed with a variety of weapons, mutagenic potions and combat signs. Fight with exceptional, dangerous creatures - ghouls creeping and crawling at night, dragon-like wyverns flying above the empty fields and filthy drowners swimming near a sea shore. A sophisticated sign casting system allows you to use each of the 5 signs in two different ways. Search for new gear and Improve your weapons. Your equipment choices are extremely impactful.

Discover a massive open world

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features shockingly detailed and diverse world. Travel across beautiful fields and forests, forgotten ruins, snowy mountains, abandoned villages and dark caves. Various locations offer long hours of breathtaking gameplay and establish completely new standards in terms of complexity, depth and size. Multiple cultures and advanced ecosystems provide a joyful gameplay abounding in reliable dialogs with NPCs and herb collecting. Each region has its own distinct feel and cultural inspirations. Enjoy free exploration without loading screens. Hunt inside old mines and trade with druid salesmen as you visit different places through your journey. Make choices between good and evil and discover far-reaching consequences of your decisions. Keep in touch with captious generals, cunning witches and spoiled members of royal families to receive new quests suitable for your dark services.

Find a living weapon

Follow village gossips and try to find Geralt’s missing adopted daughter - Ciri. An ancient elven prophecy has foretold her as a child, that can either save the world or plunge it into ruin. Stand in front of evil forces of Wild Hunt and face your destiny. Stride through the war-torn world looking for sighs that can help you find Ciri. Stand up to an unequal battle with cruel lords, dark spirits and strange forces from another dimension. Choose your own path in a world that perhaps does not deserve to be saved.

Try new generation system

New generation system: REDengine 3 was designed to run exclusive and natural-looking fantasy world of The Witcher 3. It delivers beautiful facial mimics and other animations, lighting effects, great looking clouds, mists, fogs, and other particle effects. Feel the realism of living world thanks to dynamic changes in weather and the day/night cycle that affects the behavior of villagers and wild monsters. Prepare yourself for difficult choices during your journey through raw lands and corrupted cities - you will have more impact on your surroundings than ever before.

Key features

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action RPG game published by CD Projekt Red developer. The game is the sequel to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Player controls the main character - Geralt of Rivia, who hunts monsters as a Witcher. The main quest is to find Ciri who is slipping away from the Wild Hunt: dark forces from other dimension determined to capture and use her powers.

  • Thrilling story depicted inside a massive, living world
  • Absorbing dialogs and awarded music soundtrack
  • Large amount of weapons, armor, potions and magical items
  • Difficult choices that have impact on further story
  • Many free DLCs and two expanded DLCs with whole new stories and maps
  • A vast variety of side quests and additional content like hidden locations, funny stories and secret items
  • Expanded sign casting system and highly-intuitive alchemy system
  • A witcher senses system that brings new tactical profoundness to combat
  • Compound and responsive monsters with highly developed artificial intelligence
  • A dynamic weather system and realistic day/night cycle
  • Intense and satisfying combat system that requires fighting skills
  • Memorable characters, unique atmosphere and intelligent dialogues
  • A complex character development system
  • Breathtaking, cinematic cutscenes

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