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How to buy

Instant delivery of goods, the purchase process takes a few minutes!

Dear visitors, buying in our store is as simple as possible and we will prove it to you by dividing the whole process into just 3 steps! If you have any questions - feel free to contact our consultants!

Selection of games

First of all, choose an interesting product. Let it be the Star Story: The Escape Horizon. Immediately see-the goods in stock, instant delivery. In additional information there are links for beginners who are not familiar with the features of the activation of this game. You can immediately go to purchase, or add to cart!

Order registration

It's time to decide on the method of payment, and we have a great choice! Carefully select the payment method, check all automatically filled in fields and click Pay order! Further, depending on the payment method, additional pages will open, where you will specify the necessary data and be able to confirm the payment. Everything is as simple as possible, we will not even focus on this!

Receipt of goods

Let's proceed to the most joyful part of receiving the goods. If after the payment you are not automatically transferred to receive the goods, you can go directly through the mail